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Not all those who love to play music can make it into the music industry. In here, it is our job to give you the basic of this industry, which you can already see today is filled with talents that only a handful can make it a career. However, this is not to disappoint or discourage you. By learning about what the music industry is, you’ll get the idea that there are steps you need to take to become a professional musician.

In this industry, some are made for musicians; some are made for those who are good with business and others are for everyone. But don’t forget that you have something to understand about this industry.

Knowledge about music does not equate to knowledge about the music business

This may come out as negative, but this is the biggest one that you should keep a note on. Many musicians have learned a hard lesson regarding this matter. When you enter into the music industry, you will likely meet a lot of people that will bring you to the top. However, it will take you a while to get you to the position that you want. You will be invited to a lot of shows, rattling off labels, music quizzes, book up shows, etc. You will also need to consider about the practicalities as well, including the financial side of things.

Being in the music industry, we have come to an understanding that it isn’t easy to get to the top, or at least at a point that you want people to recognize you.

It is important that you not only love music but know a lot about it especially if you want to do well in this industry. Though you will hear some will say that it is not necessary, not having a very good foundation will always end up with the collapse of your career. Also, don’t buy the idea that once you are already a part of the music industry that being with the music nerd community is going to make you a music business expert. This will make people annoyed with you, and at the same time you will also be missing out on chances to learn something new to make your music career tick.

Recording companies

The usual, or at least the old way of going for a career in the music industry revolves around your record getting heard through a record label that you will be signing to make everyone know about you as an artist. The record label is also the one responsible for releasing it. They will even release a body of the work you made, which may span in the future as an album, multi-album or EP deal.

The label will also take on the role as being your investor for your projects – you pay for the studio time, mastering and mixing and even go higher. The result from all of these is money up front. You will get your cut from the sales you’ve received once you have everything flowing into your career.