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What you will find here is a discography of the artists in this site. Each studio album comes with a list of songs they have recorded for it, from the first to the most recent ones. You also get to learn tips from the artists themselves on how they create their studio albums. If you are an aspiring artist that want to have a career in the music industry, you should learn how recording a studio album is done.

Assuming that it is your first time to record your album and that you can’t afford to rent a studio for recording your label, you can use your computer for it. There is no need for a team filled with audio technicians to make your album.

Recording through your computer

First, you have to download a recording software. You can choose to purchase one or go with an open source, with the latter more affordable especially if you are on a tight budget. However, many experts prefer to purchase a premium recording software since it offers a wide variety of features that you can’t get from an open source. However, it is not to say that open source recording software are not good options either. It all depends on your personal preference.

If you are purchasing a premium recording software, try out their trial first, which is usually offered for free up to 30 days from installation. You get to test your options and settle with one that works up to your needs.

Learn the basics

Your road to complete a record album will take months to complete. It is best that you learn how to maneuver through the software first. Spend at least a couple of weeks learning the software, experimenting with its features and recording some samples. It will be helpful for you if you can find video tutorials online on how to navigate through the software. Many of them are even accredited by the maker. If there are no video tutorials, search in Google for some manual.

Invest in an audio interface

Having an audio interface will allow you to plug a particular musical instrument like a microphone or a guitar and then use your computer to record the music you created without any delay in the timing. Search for an interface that is most compatible with your needs with recording and your computer. These interfaces are usually available in one or several input jacks for a simultaneous recording. Some even have larger modules that take up to 16 input jacks with a built-in mixer.

Interfaces vary in price, so before you make any commitments, you should define your needs specifically first.

Get a microphone

When it comes to buying a microphone, make sure you are realistic about it. Microphones are highly useful when it comes to a home studio. Even if you are just planning to do electronic or instrumental music, you can still use the microphone for recording. Choose a microphone that comes with a complex process and that it varies based on what you are going to record.