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Avoid unnecessary drama when losing a cell phone by using handy orten lassen

Avoid unnecessary drama when losing a cell phone by using handy orten lassen

The first time I heard about handy orten lassen was when my friend lost her phone. She was just devastated. I can see why.

You see, my friend never really discovered the science of backing up data to the internet. For whatever reason, she seemed to feel that she did not have the time to go through the few steps to do that.

If you’ve ever backed up stuff to the cloud, you know that it’s usually just a couple of button clicks with your mobile device and you’re pretty much done. It’s not exactly rocket science nor is it some sort of complicated brain surgery.

Regardless, my friend felt that she just didn’t have the time nor the mental energy to do that kind of thing.

So be that as it may, she went on her merry way until, of course, the unexpected happened. She was in an Uber car and, for some reason or another, she had to work with her laptop.

Apparently, she came across some sort of email that just really took all her attention. It was quite uncomfortable for her. It basically threw her off track.

The email, she did not really give me the full details, had something to do with her business, so she was just really, really concerned. So all her attention was distracted. And by the time she got out of the Uber service vehicle, her phone was missing.

Now, generally speaking, people are out of luck when this happens. They basically have only a few hours of battery life to get in touch with their phone.

People would try to call their phone, or people would try to use the default system by Apple or Android to track their phone. For a wide variety of reasons, many of which don’t really line up for most people, they don’t get their phone back.

Maybe the person who found it ended up stealing it, or maybe the battery ran out of juice sooner rather than later. Whatever the case may be, they do not allow themselves a chance to recover their phone. They just relied on standard solutions and they ended up being burned by those standard solutions.

I wish I could tell you that these are fairly rare. I wish I could tell you that these rarely happen. But they happen all the time.

The rule of thumb that you need to walk away with is the fact that when you rely on default solutions, you’re basically rolling the dice. That’s really what you’re doing. You’re just taking a massive chance and, sadly, you just have to take whatever you get.

I know that sounds harsh, I know that sounds dismissive, but it’s also true because you put yourself in that situation.

If you don’t want that to happen, and you don’t want your friends to feel sad for you and irritated at the same time, take matters into your own hands by installing the handy orten lassen app. When you do this, you basically reconfigure your phone to constantly tell the world where it is.

Now, I’m not saying that it will tell people who are out hunting you for bill collection or some other stuff of your whereabouts. No. It’s telling a remote server where the phone is.

And if, for whatever reason, your phone gets lost or misplaced, you only need to log on to that server using your personal identification number and your password to figure out where your phone is.

Once you get that information, that’s when you get on the ball. Maybe you pick up a second phone and call the local police, call the Uber dispatcher, call the service provider for the company that helped you, or call someone who is in some sort of authority over the premises where you lost your device at.

Whatever the case may be, you need to call somebody. You need to do all of this within a certain time frame. After all, you are in a race against the clock because your battery is going to run out of juice soon enough.

Still, when you install the handy orten lassen app, you at least give yourself some sort of lifeline. You’re not completely in the dark. You’re not completely out there without any way of reconnecting with your phone. This is as good as it gets.

So do yourself a big favor, when, and this is not a question of if, your phone gets lost, get on the ball and do it quickly.