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Body Kun Doll – The Perfect Tool For Drawing And Clicking The Sample Pictures 

Body Kun Doll – The Perfect Tool For Drawing And Clicking The Sample Pictures 

Realistic looking characters used in the anime and comics can play a huge role in building up the emotions with the audience. As they move further in the story, they catch the attention of the viewer until the end. Thus, drawing the detailing of the character’s posture and body is important. However, many artists struggle to get the perfect detailed character. In this case, they can take the help of body Kun doll. These dolls are the miniatures of the human body and consist of every muscle detail that you might miss in your drawing. Thus, these dolls are gaining popularity among the artists. These dolls come in affordable price range depending upon the accessories that you need with them.

Kun Dolls used in the drawing 

These dolls are used to draw the anime characters realistically. As they are made up of flexible material, they can make any pose regardless of how difficult it is. This way you can create the comic scene which you desire in a better way. These detailed dolls make it simpler to catch and draw those fine details which you might miss when drawing without these dolls.

How to draw the anime character?

When you draw any character, you should start with the base of the body. Make the accurate size of the rectangle in which you want to draw the character’s body. After drawing the rectangle, you can join it with the circle which will later be detailed into the face. Join the rectangle with straight lines to roughly measure the length of arms and legs of your character. Draw small circles at the joints like elbows and knees.

Now, after creating the base of your character, you can draw the body of your character. This way it will be balanced throughout. You can pose the Kun doll in a way that you desire and then draw the body of your character on the base that you created. Fill in all the muscle details that are required to make your drawing perfect. Finish with shading and creating the facial features that will enhance your character.

Body Kun used in photography 

These dolls are used in photography as well. Many professionals, as well as beginner photographers, creatively use these dolls to click awesome pictures focusing mainly on them. The size of these dolls is perfect which can be easily carried to any place you want for the shoot. Due to their flexibility, you can make them pose or sit on any object while taking the pictures.

You can take the benefits of accessories that are given along with these dolls to add more value to the picture. If you want to shoot something romantic for the sample clicks, you can go with the male and female Kun dolls together in the picture. Shoot them in the natural light with greenery behind as it is the best background for more effective photos. You can use different color pallets to contrast the background into vibrant colors.