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Find Your Lost Mobile Through A Remote Location 

Find Your Lost Mobile Through A Remote Location 

At present, losing a mobile phone turns to be the worst nightmare for people since there is a possibility that someone might hack their identity or can log-in illegally to their bank account. To deal effectively with such a situation, it is very essential to learn comment localiser un telephone in advance. It is very essential to have thorough knowledge about locating android and iOS devices, thus you can protect yourself from fraudulent activities.

Find your mobile by device finder

For every mobile phone user, it is necessary to activate GPS services beforehand as it provides great help in locating device over the internet. For mobile phone users who have an Android phone, it is very essential to activate device finding option on the device. Once the option gets activated it works with accordance to Google and provides aid in easily finding the mobile phone. In the initial stage, you are required to launch the settings and then click on the administrative of the device.

Then you just have to click on the device finder button and click on the checkbox. In the next step, click on the location button and then tap on the switch which is beside the location button, and choose tab mode. In the last step click on high accuracy which will fill the circle. Then choose the location history of Google and click it on. The location history will give you a map which will showcase the places and route which you had followed before your mobile phone was lost.

Locating your phone with Google is very easy

One can easily track his or her mobile phone by logging to Google through the laptop or on any other mobile phone. Initially, you have to open android.com/find on your device. You will either be asked to fill in your email id and password as if you were trying to log into your account. There is even a possibility that you may be asked for 2 step verification.

After opening the device finder, there are 3 different options you can go for. One is that you can provide security to your device so that if a person is trying to access your mobile then he or she won’t be able to do so. With this feature, you can lock your mobile even if it doesn’t have a proper lock before.

Another method is that you can easily erase any confidential data from your device like the PIN, bank account, images, policy number, etc. Thus, you can safeguard your interest. If you think that the device is somewhere close to your home premises, you can even play loud sound, this will make you guess where your mobile phone is, even if you won’t be able to locate it.

Steps to find iOS mobile

If in case you are using an iPhone, you are required to undertake a few steps to find your device. Initially, you are supposed to enter settings then to privacy and click on the location service. Then you have to log into your iCloud account by writing your credentials and switch on the tracking system for your mobile. You then have to click on Send Last Location option and you will get the exact coordinates of your mobile.