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How to Buy a Preowned Louis Vuitton Cheap

How to Buy a Preowned Louis Vuitton Cheap

When you are purchasing a pre-owned LV bag, it is compulsory that you buy what you can afford ad that the product you acquire is authentic. If you will like to know how to purchase the authentic pre-owned Louis Vuitton cheap, here are some guidelines on how you can know that the pre-owned LV bag that you are about to purchase is an authentic one.

Monogram location: Look for the proportion in the monogram location. This is a very crucial sign of an original LV piece. Majority of the LV monogram bags and wallets, not minding the designs, have a side to side proportion except for little old vintage bags.

Countries Produced: Louis Vuitton has a lot of factories outside France. Built on the model, LV bags are presently being produced out of France, in countries like USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland other than evident France.

Eye for Details: Louis Vuitton is very specific about the way they stitch. The stitch is always even and constant and there will be the regular number of stitches in several bags of similar models. The lining material would regularly be made of cotton canvas material and not suede. The color as well is constantly brown.

Heat Stamps

Every Louis Vuitton bag always comes with heat stamps which can be found either on the outside of the bag or inside of it. This heat stamp has a very unique and specified font which makes it hard for others to imitate exactly what it look like. An authentic bag of Louis Vuitton should have a heat stamp that has a clear and crisp lettering which are precisely aligned, the tail of the letter L is short, the letter O is not oval but instead, a very round O, and its letter T’s are very close with each other. Also, there should be no any indications of incorrect stamped letters, sloppy lettering, and bleeding. These things are all you need to check for on the heats stamps of a LV bag so that you could tell if it is authentic.

Date Codes

You should also know that all of the items which are produced by Louis Vuitton are always stamped with manufacturer codes or commonly called as date codes. These date codes are composed of two letters which refers to the location the item was made and then at least three numbers for the year and day. You have to know that there is a possibility that several of the LV bags that you could see have the same and identical date codes since that these date codes do not refer as serial numbers of the bag. These codes are usually stamped on the lining of the bag and inside of it or inside of the bag’s pocket. And to help you know more about the date codes, you can also visit the Louis Vuitton’s website.


Another important thing that you need to check on a LV bag in order for you to tell it is authentic is the hardware it has. Hardware refers to the things and items that are known as the other components of the bag such as zippers, studs and rivets, S – lock, grommets, and the likes. You should know that the hardware of an authentic LV bag are made from golden brass metal and has a perfect texture. Also, the logos that are engraved on all hardware are precise and perfectly done. The hardware should also be polished in a high level so that it would be shiny and it must not have an uneven texture and plating on it. One great characteristic of an authentic bag of Louis Vuitton that would surely amaze you is that you will be able to get a glimpse of your reflection on the bag’s shiny zippers.

As what stated above, you now have an idea on what are the reliable tips that will help you to know if these pre – owned Louis Vuitton bags you are going to buy is really an authentic and genuine one. With this, you can now also identify which of these pre – owned Louis Vuitton bags you usually see in the market are the fake ones and not. And if you want to know more about this topic, you can also ask an expert to help you.