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How to Choose the Best Vlogging Camera with Flip Screen

If you are a vlogger, you will agree with me that you have lots of choices when it comes to purchasing the ideal vlogging camera. But the fact is that only a few actually “fit the ball” when you intend to get a flip screen as well. As you might have known, acquiring a best vlogging camera with flip screen offer you much flexibility, especially when you want to view in advance the image or video that will be shown to your vlogging audience.

What is the adjustable length of the screen in any situations you find yourself while vlogging? Is it possible for you to get an excellent 4K video that comes with a range of frame rates for those time lapses or action shots we all love? Does it have portable features or is it too bulky? And how much will you budget to get that super gadget?

In this comprehensive article, we are going to provide essential tips so you can purchase the best vlogging camera with flip screen first time around!

Video Quality and Frame Rates

This is like making a choice between 1080 and 4K coupled with a little frame rate included. If you intend to plan well ahead of time, then I suggest that you opt for the 4K feature. Not everyone has the features yet or using it on YouTube, but it is coming fast.

Frame rates. Anything equal to or less than 30 frames per second is fine, but if you intend to slow it down (i.e. slow motion) something, then it is better to have more frames per second. So, go for a 60fps feature or higher.

Image Stabilization

The more advanced or more expensive the camera, it translates to quality image stabilization. Most cameras incorporate this feature into the device, but the new GH5 is classic on this front with both lens stabilization and quality camera.

Do you need to consider this feature carefully? Well, it solely depends on the type of vlogging you carry out, and how you want people to view it. Some movement is fine, but if you do lots of handhelds, you have to opt for a device with more stabilization, and optical/physical is obviously better than digital.

Size & Weight

Some people don’t mind carrying a bulky camera around all day, but you must always keep this feature in mind. If you prefer your camera to be on your hand, then lighter and smaller device is definitely better. But of course, you have to find the middle ground between the image stabilization and quality in most cases. Most people who desire to get a great and compatible vlogging camera should opt for the Canon G7.

Low Light & Aperture (F-Stop)

If you intend to shoot indoor or during late hours when the light is dimmed, then you have to really consider the low-light capabilities.

You are going to decide between high ISO and f-stop (lower is better). Although, in most cases, high ISO doesn’t translate to a good quality shot as it often generates a lot of noise when taking the shoot. So, it is advisable to consider better lenses with a lower f-stop. Ensure that you enforce the guidelines highlighted above to enable you to select the best vlogging cameras with  flip screen.