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If you know how to ride the kind of Segway UK sports fans would love to ride, nobody will laugh at you

If you know how to ride the kind of Segway UK sports fans would love to ride, nobody will laugh at you

Make no mistake about it, when people fall on any kind of moving vehicle or moving device, people can’t help but laugh. Now, I know this sounds kind of harsh, it might even seem insulting, but let’s get real here.

The last time this happened to you, please understand that people were not laughing at you, okay? Keep that in mind.

Because for the most part, a lot of people think that when they do something awkward in public that people are laughing at them. They think that it’s a judgment on them. They think that it’s some sort of personal slam against them.

And this is the reason why a lot of people start developing a phobia for public speaking. In fact, a lot of people are so afraid of doing something in front of other people that they hate it. It makes them physically sick. They become anxious, and this is actually the root of many low level forms of mental illness.

But it doesn’t have to go down that route. You have to understand that if you are on the other side of the equation, chances are, you are laughing to relieve stress. You’re laughing at the situation, you’re not laughing at the person.

You laugh because you want to help that person and say, “Oh, okay, you’re trying to be funny.” And if you interpret such memories that way, you will be able to overcome your post traumatic stress disorder.

That’s really what it is. Because if you are deathly afraid of speaking or acting in public, it’s because you were traumatized in the past.

You have to call a spade a spade. You were traumatized. You’re trying to get over a negative past memory. And one of the best ways to do this is to look at the facts straight on.

What exactly happened? Are you making a big deal out of it? Are you making a mountain out of a molehill? Are you interpreting what happened in the worst way possible?

Chances are, you are. So stop blowing things out of proportion. Focus on the fact that people laugh with you, not at you.

Still, if you are afraid that people would laugh at you, you might want to ride the kind of Segway UK sports fans would love to ride.

When you do this, people would actually envy you. Because not everybody can ride a Segway for whatever reason. That’s just a fact.

So at least if you spill or you fall over, people won’t laugh because they can see that you’re riding something truly awesome. You’re riding something that they wish they could ride.

Given that fact, nobody will laugh at you. Instead, they would try to help you out and help you get back up on your feet.