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Learning the Basics of Music Recording: Best Toddler Trampoline

Learning the Basics of Music Recording: Best Toddler Trampoline

Over the last few years, we’ve tried and tested above two dozen different trampolines. Some made for toddlers, as from ages 2-3 or so, and others made for bigger children aged 4-7 or so. There are much larger ones as well for bigger children aged 8+, however, we do not examine those here. Instead, our focus is on trampolines for big children and the best toddler trampoline.

The toddler trampolines are typically smaller, offer less of an elevated bounce, and possesses an attached handlebar that’s padded to ease children into knowing how to bounce solely. These are quite low to the ground (normally 4-6″), typically have a weight capacity that is less than 80 pounds, and use either bungee cords or springs to hold the jumping surface and the frame together. Our boys have not fallen off any of these (knock on wood!), even at the start, and they are not even the most coordinated boys the world has to offer! But they’ve made a success out of bouncing the trampoline to stupor and breaking the support cords of the bungee, and we would examine this matter when we review personal units below. The toddler versions, due to their smaller size, are ideal for a basement, living room, or play room. Normally used indoors owing to their size.

The “big kid” trampoline features safety netting (that’s attached to the inside of the springs), a little bit larger and more bouncy/elastic jumping surface, and is a little higher off the ground. These normally have a weight capacity that’s between 100-120 pounds, and children could jump a little bit higher than on what’s obtainable with a toddler trampoline. They are an awesome option before moving onto a bigger and more dangerous trampoline that let children bounce too high for their own safety. They are still small enough to fit inside as well if you have a very good space that has high ceilings. As trampolines get broader than these (normally around a maximum of 7ft diameter), they are too broad for use in the home and are left outdoors throughout the year.