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Enjoy all videos and photos taken from various events that the musicians in this site have gone through all the years!

Not all of you may have noticed, but music videos had only appeared when television was at the height of its popularity when it once came out. The music industry totally changed back on the 1st of August 1981, when the first music channel that operates for 24 hours was introduced into television sets. The first video that was ever played on this channel was very ironic since it was like putting an end to both the television set and the music industry. But that was just a play on words.

Today, you will find millions of music videos created by various artists of the different genre. The purpose of music videos is to promote the music itself. Also referred to as promotional videos in other countries, its main purpose is not only to promote the music, but also to influence its sales of the music recordings.

There are other videos you can find on this page. You will also find behind the scenes of artists on how they have prepared and recorded each popular music they created. While you won’t see or hear any of the music in full with such videos, you get to see a glimpse of how a recording is done. And it is not only by hiring a studio will that all end. Depending on the composition and arrangement, it will take the time to complete a single song from being made. There are also behind the scenes on how music videos are created. This one can also take days or weeks, depending on the schedule every artist has in store for them. When the music video gets complex, especially with its cinematography, the longer it will take to complete it.