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How Music Reflects Your Personality

The genre of music that you listen to reflects the kind of personality you have. This is the result of years of study that professionals have conducted after observing their participants. You might want to read further to find out what kind of personality you possess based on the genre of music you mostly listen to.

Heavy Metal – Creative and Gentle

This might be something that people who are not fond of this genre will be surprised about. The heavy metal industry is seen as something that only those with personality problems will love. However, a 3-year study conducted by Adrian North, Ph.D. who is a scholar of music psychology shown how delicate their personalities are. With around 36,000 participants, it showed that heavy metal fans are basically of the same kind with those who love classical music. What makes the two different is that heavy metal fans are younger.

Classical – Smart

The perfect definition of classical music and to people that listen to this genre is complex and reflective. The same personalities can also be seen with heavy metal listeners. According to research done by Dr. North, classical music lovers are introverted, creative and displays a very high self-esteem. They see that listening to music is like a theatrical experience and that they share this mutual love for the grandiose with the heavy metal fans. However, people who love classical exclusively tend to be older and that they make a lot more money. They are also smarter, based on the 2009 comparison of SAT scores from students through their most-liked bands in Facebook. The study showed that students who love Beethoven got an average score of 137, which is a hundred points higher compared to those who got the second-place entry. As for those who got the lowest scores were those who love Lil Wayne. However, this should not be the single color painted on those who love hip-hop.

Hip-hop – Extroverts

Rhythmic and energetic listeners, the hip-hop fans enjoy more about socializing such as singing along, dancing and even experiencing it personally with other people rather than imprisoning themselves with headphones. Just like the rappers, fans of hip-hop are highly rated as extroverted and come with very high self-esteem based on North’s research. There was also another study wherein it showed rap fans to share a similar quality that Kanye West is known for – the tendency to state out the thoughts as soon as they are formed in the head. It is referred today as “blirtatiousness.”

Pop – nervous and outgoing

While pop fans have a lack of creativity when compared to any other category, they are sociable and outgoing and even possess high self-esteem. Listeners of pop that play chart-topping singles all the time are usually more like to listen to regulate their mood.

Rock – Easygoing yet selfish

Classic rock listeners work hard and are usually at ease with themselves. However, they are more self-centered compared to any other type of listeners. They are also likely to listen to rock music to help regulate their mood.