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PS4 HDD Upgrade Guide: Best Internal Hard Drives

When considering the storage space on the PS4, you will later discover that the hard drive space is very limited. There are lots of great games available at this present time. And if you like to download games, it can eventually make your storage space to run out within a short period. The good news is that you have numerous options when it comes to enhancing your PS4 hard drive storage. In this ps4 hard drive guide, we will talk about some of the most sought-after internal hard drives for your PS4.

Read on to find out about some of the best hard drive options for the PS4. Asides from compiling information about PS4 hard drives, we also analyzed the Nyko Data Bank which offers you the chance to boost your PS4 hard drive with 3.5 inch bare drives.

Best 2TB Solid State Hard Drive for PS4

The Seagate FireCuda SSHD Gaming drive is categorized as one of the best PS4 drives available on the marketplace today, due to its fast speed. The speed rate is approximately 6.0GB/s which is enough to meet any gamer’s needs. As at this present time, it is the fastest gaming hard drive and 2.5-inch computer on the market. This implies that there is no reason to opt for the more advanced 3.5 inches as this particular accessory can compete favorably with them. Another unique fact about this accessory is that it has a space capacity of 2.5 inches which implies that they will occupy less space, and also has a height within the range of 7mm.

But the question is “does 3.5 Inch hard drives have the capacity to hold more spaces compared to 2.5 inch hard drives”? The answer is “No”. Since the 2.5 drive has a lesser storage capacity, it will be more costly than the 3.5-inch drive if they accommodate an equal amount of space. If you are financially buoyant, then I suggest that you opt for the Seagate FireCuda SSHD 2TB as it offers a better performance. The 2TB should have the capacity to hold up to 100+ games.

The best option for 3.5 inch hard drives

The first product we will consider in this article is the Nyko Data Bank for the PlayStation 4, although it has a very large size, the fact is that this hard drive has the capacity of adding up to 2TB of storage. One of the major benefits of this hard drive is that; because it is 3.5 inches long compared to the conventional 2.5 inches, it implies that this drive will accommodate a lot of space. Also, I assure you that it is well worth the money as it accommodates more space compared to the 2.5-inch drives. However, as applicable to most products, the Nyko Data Bank also has its shortcomings as it does not support all PS4 slim or the PS4 PRO.

Have you made a progress in a game only for the screen to freeze and you are left with no choice than to play from the last stage? This is something that upsets all gamers, which can make them rage or even quit the game altogether. With this high-quality drive, it features LED indicators that will show you when it is accessing or saving data.