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Some Of The Most Basic BMX Stunt Tips For Beginners

Some Of The Most Basic BMX Stunt Tips For Beginners

Riding a BMX is a great exercise and over time, amid riders have created a lot of stunts and tricks that can make you go wow. These tricks and stunts have been performed and practiced by professionals for years to gain mastery over them. There are even international level competitions for BMX stunts every year.

The right bike for stunts

BMX bikes come in a lot of variations, materials and designs hence people often ask what’s a good BMX bike? Well, different BMX bikes are there for different purposes and as far as performing tricks and stunts go, the bike needs to have certain qualities. A stunt BMX bike should be made out of strong yet light materials so that the maneuvers can be easily controlled by the rider. People can customize the looks, height of the seat and other stuff according to their own choices. Remember, you should always wear protective gears while performing stunts on a BMX bike.

How to perform basic tricks?

There are a lot of tricks that professional BMX riders can perform. As a beginner, it is better to practice the following basic tricks before trying out other advanced tricks.

Bunny hops

Bunny hop is one of the basic tricks that are easy to perform. First, you will have to wear your protective gear to avoid any injury. Now, that you are geared up, start riding at a slow pace until you are comfortable. Now that the bike is stable and balanced, try to lift the front by pulling the handlebars up. Keep doing it until you are perfect in it. Once you are used to it, pull the handlebars up and then push them forward as soon as they are in mid-air. This will take a few tries and when you are successful; your bike will be in Air with both tires up. Now, the next part is landing, make sure you haven’t turned the handlebars and try to keep the bike parallel to the ground in the air. Now, try to land on both tires or land rear tires first and then the front.

The wall ride

The wall ride is a great trick for the audience as well as amateur BMX riders. In this trick, you will have to ride towards a solid wall at a moderate speed when you are near the wall, perform a bunny hop and as soon as the tires touch the wall, shift the center of gravity towards the wall by adjusting your body towards the wall. When both the tires are about to touch the wall start pedaling; this will allow you to use the momentum and ride on the wall for a bit. As soon as your momentum gets slowed down, perform another bunny hop and land onto the ground on both tires if possible. This trick is a bit tough to perform and you should be in full protective gears and under the guidance of a friend or elder. Make sure your tires have a good grip as well.