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SourcingBro: How to Get Started with Sourcing Products from China

SourcingBro: How to Get Started with Sourcing Products from China

The most popular site used mainly for the importation of goods from China is Alibaba.com. This site contains large directories where suppliers make their trade and feature their goods and products. I would describe it as a virtual trade show. Just like SourcingBro, Alibaba is a remarkable resource that lists a wide variety of products available. It provides information about the products available and the general details of the pricing.

One of the amazing features of Alibaba is that it gives you the opportunity to quickly contact the sellers and build up communication with them. An important step that you must take is to find out the genuine manufacturer of the product. Is the company the real producer of the product or are they represented by a trading company? The easiest way to get this information is to simply ask them after building a form of communication.

Although there is every chance of you importing your products coupled with the transaction of all your business via the internet. Endeavor to do a proper check if you are doing it on a long-term basis or you wish to have a sustainable and lasting relationship with your supplier. You can achieve this task by visiting the factories of the suppliers in China to see if they are reliable. However, endeavor to have built some level of relationship with them before proceeding on the journey. Another viable option is to hire a professional sourcing agent to represent you in China.

The true fact is that the importation of goods from China requires good analytical, organizational and mathematical skills coupled with great attention to every detail, there is no need for you to have requisite knowledge before starting this business.

This business definitely need great startup of capital but people fail to consider some factors, you can actually start the business with minimal resources. I know it sounds too good to be true. This can happen if you can utilize other people’s resources or the OPM system. And with the belief, perseverance, and determination in yourself even if you don’t have enough financial resources, you can start the business with immediate effect.

These are the steps to take to achieve this task. First, select a product or brand that you think the majority of the populace will accept. After this step, contact the manufacturers for product samples, price list, and catalogs and endeavor to find the price if you are buying in bulk. Of course,  you don’t have to travel down to the manufacturer’s location, you can sit in the comfort of your home and check the facts via the internet.

After you have agreed on the price rate with the manufacturer and determine other facts, you can now request for samples. You can get it free of charge from some manufacturers while others will charge you based on the factory price. Regardless of the one chosen, it is quite easy to obtain these catalogs and samples. After getting all the details, that is the right time to get a buyer for your goods. It is not compulsory for the buyer to come from your country, it could be anyone from all parts of the world. Well, you are advised to make use of these facts to get the best deal and enjoy all the benefits of importation of goods from China.