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Special features of Avenue South Residence

Special features of Avenue South Residence

A very recent residential development, the Avenue South Residence consists of two towers of 56 stories, 8 commercial units and 5 blocks of 4-storey SIT (Singapore Improvement Trust). The condo housing is the largest project for UOL group in a joint venture with UIC (United Industrial Corporation) and Kheng Leong. Situated behind the neighborhood of Spottiswoode Park, near Kampong Bahru road and Silat Avenue, the condo project is situated near the Central Business District.

Greater Southern Waterfront at Avenue South Residence

Avenue South Residences will have a breathtaking view of the Greater Southern Waterfront. The Urban Redevelopment Authorities announced in 2013 that ports of the South-west coast would be transformed to Greater Southern Waterfront. This will bring a great change to the skyline of Singapore. Business towards the west, like the storm-water reservoir run-off, a green corridor connecting the Labrador Park to Gardens by the Bay and the waterfront promenade extending 30 km, will be expanded. The waterfront will also increase the tourist attraction towards Singapore resulting increase in revenue.

The residents of Avenue South Residence will get a beautiful view of the city skyline and the waterfront. More leisure destinations with amenities would be available and access to waterfront will be easy. After the waterfront will be ready, the prices of the condos would rise, which would be a beneficial factor for the owners. The waterfront is still under construction; if you are looking for good returns in the future, you can invest in one of these condos.

Hosting the activities in the waterfront by students, commercial professionals, shoppers, and even elderly people will be refreshment because of its ample space. It will also open various business opportunities to investors for future benefits.

Shopping and dining centers

Vivocity, situated near Bukit Timah is the largest malls of Singapore located at the Harborfront MRT station. You can enjoy a calm and soothing atmosphere at the rooftop in your leisure time. A wading pool is built for people to relax and enjoy themselves; near the pool is the Play court where your children can play while you lay in the pool.

There are around 10-12 shopping centers in the area where you can shop, ranging from small departmental stores to upscale brand showrooms. These include Tiong Bahru Plaza, Tangs departmental store, Harbor Front Center. You can also avail the banking services in these malls which is another added facility.

Many dining centers are near the site of the Avenue South Residence with large varieties of food available. Tanjong Pagar Food center offers a wide range of delicacies in their menu; although they are not an upscale restaurant, their dishes are worth those from fancy restaurants. The Chinatown complex is the one where you can enjoy a diverse variety of food, even from other countries. If you are a fan of street food, you will be delighted to know that there is also a food chain of local stalls who sell roast meat and yong tau foo which are excellent in taste.