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Tour Dates

Fans love tour dates! This means that their favorite artist will be touring to various places and hold a concert! What’s more, there might be a session where fans get to meet and greet their favorite artists! If you want to know more about the upcoming tour events of your fave artist, this is the perfect place to find out more about it!

If it is your first time to a concert, you might be worried about what to do when you get there. Some concert goers are worried about whether or not they will be allowed to get in the venue with what they are wearing. Others are worried about whether or not they will be allowed to get in carrying some gadgets around. Here are some tips for concert goers so as to know what you should do when you get to the venue.

What to wear

There is no dress code when you go to a concert, but this depends on where the concert is held. The ones that are held in open fields do not have any dress code. You can even wear slippers when you get there or even in your PJs. As long as you have the ticket or pass to join in the crowd, you will be allowed to join in.

If you are attending a classical orchestra concert, you might get intimidated by how the musicians are wearing. Again, it all depends on the venue on what you should wear. Some classical orchestra concerts advise their audience to wear anything that they are comfortable with. But to be safe, wear your personal dress code that you go for dinner with your friends or go for a “smart casual” attire. When there are no specifications as to what you should wear, that is an indication that you can wear whatever you want.

Mobile phones and other gadgets

When inside the venue, you are expected to turn off or silence your alarms, pagers, cell phones, and many other audible devices even before the concert starts. However, this will also depend since there are other venues that allow you to. Just follow the rules of the venue and you will enjoy your concert.

Seating arrangement

Some concerts do not require seating arrangements. However, depending on your ticket, you will need to seat where the ticket indicates. Some concert tickets indicate VIP, which usually means that you are to be seated at the front. If there are no seating arrangements, it will be up to you where you want to be at. Some concerts are first come first served basis, meaning that the earlier you are at the venue, the better your options will be to where you are to be seated or where you are going to watch the artists perform. In this case, it is up to you where you find it most comfortable to watch.

If you do arrive late, it will be up to you how you are going to break in the crowd to get a closer view of your favorite artists. Don’t force yourself into the crowd if it won’t let you.