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Use Good Tents When Going On Vacations

If you love mountaineering and camping then you might be aware of the essentials that you need to have. One essential requirement is the best quality tent. The market is filled with several products but you need to find the one that offers you the best protection and also meets your needs. The weather at the camping site changes every now and then, thus it is important to get the tent that offers the best protection against severe weather conditions. You can get the best tent for rain which is available in the materials like polyester, canvas, nylon, cotton, and others.

Different types of materials are used in the tent which increases the tent quality and gives a great experience of camping. The tents are available in different sizes and shapes. If you want to get a tent for the family then you can choose a large tent like a tunnel tent. It has more space and many people can easily stay in it.

Various fabrics included:

  • Polyester fabric – Most of the tents are made with polyester fabric. This tent is made with many coatings. The fabric does not shrink much and protects from rain and sunlight. This is breathable fabric so you can easily sleep. There is also no issue of moisture in the tent.
  • Nylon – it is a good fabric to save yourself from the rain. The tent is coated with silicone and acrylic. This is light in weight and you can carry it easily. This fabric is used to make small tents and is breathable.
  • Canvas fabric – canvas is a fabric that is derived from cotton and hence it is breathable and smells good inside the tent. It offers the perfect protectable from different weather conditions.

Types of poles that you can consider

  • Fiberglass poles – fiberglass is used in making the pole of the tent. The best thing is that it bends easily and hence offers quick and easy installation of the tent. These are light in weight and available at cheap prices. These are perfect for small tents.
  • Steel poles – steel is generally used for large tents. These types of poles are made with process steel as normal steel might rust and degrade causing damage to the tent after some time.
  • Aluminum – it is a lightweight metal and easy to bend. It is highly durable and also does not rust. Thus, it is considered the best material for poles in tents. This is mainly used in dome tent or pop up tent. As it is light in weight, it is also highly portable.

Different coatings to look for

In order to enhance the functionality and durability of the tents, several coatings are applied to the fabric. It is these coatings that make the tents waterproof, prevent UV rays from entering and deal with other weather conditions. Some of the common coatings that are used are a silicone coating, polyurethane coating, SIL coating etc. So, look for this coating when buying a tent.